Posey tunic and peony leggings

When I found from instagram that Sewlikemymom (link) is searching for testers I decided that I should give it a try. I mean, when you try to get your first ever testing it can be little bit nervous moment. I sent my stuff and then forgot about it, just focused on everything else. And then I got up in the morning and.. I found out that Melissa had written me. I was chosen! And right when I started testing that pattern… I fell in love. In those photos you’ll see Little Miss wearing two previous versions of tunic and leggings so there are some flaws but I love them that way also!
Melissa really does go into details to get that perfect fit.

Those two patterns come in sizes 12M to 8 year olds. It is true fabric saver when you use non-directional prints.

Peony leggings come with options to have gathered on flat inset. They have high rise so bum is covered and everyone is happy with how comfortable they are. They can be made in bike shorts, capri and long leggings length so your child can wear them all-year-long. The instructions were really easy to follow and had some good tips for every other pattern you may use also. You can buy leggings pattern from Etsy (link)

Posey tunic for me has the best length! It shows your leggings but also lets your kid wear her leggings and covers their bum just enough. Tunic has four sleeve lengths (tank, short, elbow and long sleeve) and saves you tons of fabric. It is really easy to follow instructions! This pattern is also available on Etsy (link) and will sure make an easy staple in Little Miss wardrobe.

There is also possibility to buy those patterns as a bundle (link) so make sure that you’ll grab one or both patterns to add to your basics!

And now, picture overflow!

Tunic with elbow-length sleeves and capri leggings with plain insets
Fabrics from Facebook group “Disainkangaste tellimine”, ballerinas from H&M
See that little seam on back? Huge fabricsaver when you are using non-directional fabric


Longsleeved tunic and long leggings with flat inset
Fabrics from Abakhan


See you in my next post!
In case you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂


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