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Free patterns – Coconut PJ’s

I think it is perfect time to start new category in my blog, free patterns.
Every now and then some designers release free patterns. Whether it is for cooperation with someone, for FB group members or just for getting to know how their patterns work. So I thought as I have seen, made and downloaded quite few of them I could send them some love back. So here comes the first one.

It is getting warmer here, in Estonia, so Sew Like My Mom (link!) Coconut PJ pattern came in right time. Made in cooperation with Riley blake (Link!) it is summer staple in kids nightwear. It comes in sizes 12M-8Y and is available via Crafty.
Photo from Sew Like My Mom blog

On monday I’ll go and print my patterns so these will come to our house! I can tell that DS is already excited and this is awesome as he usually hates jammies!

As what comes to this pattern, all SewLikeMyMom patterns are easy to follow and look amazing on kids! They go trough intense testing (that’s when Melissa almost doesn’t sleep!) and testers feedback is something Melissa always considers as an important thing!


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