Darling Daisy

Pattern name: Darling Daisy dress (revamped!) (link!)

Designer name: Sew Like My Mom (link!)

Price: Currently on sale for 6$

Size range: 3m-16, but the redo is done in sizes 12m-8y

Print sizes: US Letter

Difficulty level: Beginner (but you should be able to do gathering)

Fabric: Woven (quilting cotton, seersucker, linen and fabrics on similar weight)

I tested: This pattern testing was actually a redo of Sew Like My Mom’s first ever pattern! Since my daughter is size 24m chest and 12m length I tested it that way also (as always with SLMM patterns but since she started her growth spurt I might use 18m length next time). Melissa teaches in instructions how to shorten or lengthen the dress in really easy ways so you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Go with your kids chest size and change the length according to instructions if needed. This dress is now my favorite summer dress! There are 5 looks, twirling factor, easy on and off and you can combine different fabrics which means you can use those scraps you have! My first dress was made with cotton. Two of the fabrics (with dots on them) were from my great-aunt heirlooms, blue solid is from local fabric store discount boxes where you can buy fabric with weight price and green one on neckline was from Simply Sewing magazine issue fifteen . This has the perfect twirling factor, looks cute and gets lots of compliments.
The next one will probably be soon finished as it is almost ready and just waiting for some spare time. It is made with red woven which name I don’t know in english and it is absolutely not a dress she would wear every day (this just isn’t a dress material) but it is made for visiting a cafe of her favorite cartoon character. The fabric is from my granny heirlooms (she used to work in a sewing company so she got lots of scrap from there).
Overall, it is easy sew (especially if you love gathering, I hate long stitch method, don’t have serger so I gather with loads of pins!) and bigger kids can put it on by themselves and take it off too!

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