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Sunday lately – Week 1

blogger tribe sunday latelySunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (which is being fearlessly lead by Angelica, Meaghan, Nicole, and Katy). We e-hang out every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the last week of life in our own worlds. We’d love if you could join us!

fall capsule wardrobe for everyone. I would love to include as much me-made items I can but since I have some orders coming in I need to plan better 🙂 I am also planning a Sew Long Summer Blog tour posts 🙂

Crappy night-time phone photo for the win!

Loving the life that I have! Being able to participate in my kids life every day every time, sewing, cooking, best Hubby. What can a girl want more.
Reading blogs and pattern instructions 😜

Wishing I had more time for sewing and that someone would gift me tons of FT. I mean, sewing is fun, but it is also time consuming and if you want variety of fabric it costs money, in Estonia lots of money 😪

Feeling a tad bit tired but happy. This summer has been wonderful, full of memories and time with kids. Many firsts, positive and negative, but overall I am happy to be where I am. 

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup presented by the Blogger Tribe.Next week’s themes: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting.

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Free pattern Wednesday (on Thursday) – Knot headband

I promised to talk to you about that knot headband yesterday, but time just flew. So this time we’ll make free pattern Wednesday on Thursday.

knot bow main
Pattern name: 
Knot Bow Headband (link!)

Designer name: Coral & co. (link!)

Price: Free

Size range: newborn to 2T

Print sizes: letter sized, different color and line style sizes

Difficulty level: beginner

I made: 2T, since Little Miss Fashionistas head is on bigger side. I used cotton-lycra knit (same as on Boxwood pants pockets). Pattern was easy, went together quickly and I am sure to make much more of these!

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Sew Like My Mom : Boxwood Joggers

Boxwood mag.jpg
Pattern name: 
Boxwood joggers (12m-8y, 6y-16y, bundle)

Designer name: Sew Like My Mom (link!)

Price: price is discounted trough Friday, get each size group for 6$ or bundled together for 11$

Size range: sizes 12m – 16y (in two batches 12m-8y and 6y-16y, you can buy each batch separately or buy them bundled)

Print sizes: print size: US Letter, PDF is colored, layered and has different line styles for different sizes.

Difficulty level: Beginner 🙂

Fabric recommendations: French terry, sweatshirt fleece etc. You can use cotton-lycra too, but you should then look at recovery and stretch! 🙂 At least 20% of stretch is needed!

I tested: 
Size 24m/2T. Although little miss Fashionista is tad bit short for 24M this pattern is designed the way that you can make bigger number and wear them longer! 🙂 And as a mum of kids who have growth spurts so that they can grow out of one number by one night, I love patterns like this.
You know what else is excellent? This pattern is unisex! Meaning you can make them both boys and girls, for boys over 6 years the pattern slightly changes but you can still get joggers for your daughter and son by buying the same pattern.
Featuring short, capri and long length these are perfect for every season. One of my friends already ordered some shorts and capris and long pants for their vacation 😀
One more thing I always love about Melissa’s pattern is the way that her patterns are designed – they are made the way you can use really small amount of fabric! And those pockets, cuffs and waistband are great for scrap 😉 We all have those odd strips or triangles that need their home in some garment! 🙂
During the testing period I love how Melissa listens to everyone. She changed bigger boys patterns to make some room for them. She highered the back rise and lowered the front rise for baby sizes. As babies usually are chubbier she added some width to their leg pieces. She is working hard to get all her patterns perfect!

And now, if you are wishing that these should come in your size… Then there are some exciting news for you! Melissa is working on her very first women’s pattern and this is the same joggers for adults! Yay for matching outfits!


Boxwood joggers featuring Pizza-slice pockets

For an outfit I paired Boxwood joggers with matching knot headband (I’ll share the link tomorrow in my Free Pattern Wednesday) and different shirts. For the finals I put on her a white tee from H&M, faux leather jacket from Lindex and cute espadrilles also from H&M. I think these would look awesome with some white or mint leather imitation sneakers also! 🙂  I am planning on making her a Pistachio tee but this week was crazy featuring three different testings! 🙂

I am absolutely not happy with these photos.. Well, I know there will be more Boxwoods in our life so they’ll get better represented 😉

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The Eli Monster: Dadaïsme dress

Pattern name: Dadaïsme dress (link!)

Designer name: The Eli Monster (link!)

Price: during release sale the price is 7$, afterwards it will be 9$

Size range: 12m-12y

Print sizes: letter sized, layered with different lines and colours. Pattern is nested for easy grading.

Difficulty level: advanced beginner

I tested: size 3 width with size 2 length. I officially named that dress to be my “bad luck dress” everything that could go wrong, went wrong. First, the fabric, that I had planned using didn’t arrive on time. After that, I made some really silly mistakes, forgot that I needed button (so I removed one from a garment that I was hoping to sell 😀 Storebought, what was small already for little miss Fashionista), the weather was horrible etc. So I cried, pulled myself together and finished that dress. And then, it was love from first sight! It seems that little miss Fashionista loves it too. She even picked her own accessories and modeled that dress for me.What a cute little girl I have at home! 🙂
Also, I feel that this dress is different and looks kinda couture, Pleats on sides make dress body fuller, but in the chest area it is quite fitted. For us it was excellent for layering also as it had big enough armscye’s to put long sleeved shirt underneath. Depending on fabric choises it can be really fancy, or less formal, either way it will look awesome!

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Tula dress

Pattern name: Tula dress (link!)
Sister pattern: Talia (Fitted, link!) and them both in bundle (link!)

Designer name: Laela Jeyne patterns (link!)

Price: price normally and with coupon (+link where to get coupon)

Size range: XXS-3X

Print sizes: A4 and Letter in same file, copyshop file for A0, layers, color coding and different line styles

Difficulty level: intermediate

Notions: Interfacing, invisible zipper (for fully lined)

Methods used: Burrito roll

I tested:  Starting size 8 graded out to 12, added 5 cm to the length because of my height. Tunic length (it is intended to be mid-hip) with V-neck on front and round neck on back. Partially lined. Fabric is some kind of cotton woven with little bit of stretch, from Abakhan fabric boxes where they sell it by weight. I chose partially lined because I was intimidated by invisible zipper. I do think it would look awesome with lace overlay! But ever since I finished it I have been loving wearing it and am waiting for some busier times to go by just so I could sew at least one more for myself.


Free Pattern Wednesday: Wrap cardigan

Pattern name: Wrap cardigan (link!)

Designer name: Nap-time creations (link!)

Price: Free 🙂

Size range: Size S but it is pretty forgiving so close to S will be able to wear it too

Print sizes: I think that it is in US Letter size

Difficulty level: Beginner

My thoughts: This easy to make pattern could easily be an autumn staple in wardrobe. I am now dreaming that I was in size S or I could have time for grading pattern for myself.