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The Eli Monster: Dadaïsme dress

Pattern name: Dadaïsme dress (link!)

Designer name: The Eli Monster (link!)

Price: during release sale the price is 7$, afterwards it will be 9$

Size range: 12m-12y

Print sizes: letter sized, layered with different lines and colours. Pattern is nested for easy grading.

Difficulty level: advanced beginner

I tested: size 3 width with size 2 length. I officially named that dress to be my “bad luck dress” everything that could go wrong, went wrong. First, the fabric, that I had planned using didn’t arrive on time. After that, I made some really silly mistakes, forgot that I needed button (so I removed one from a garment that I was hoping to sell 😀 Storebought, what was small already for little miss Fashionista), the weather was horrible etc. So I cried, pulled myself together and finished that dress. And then, it was love from first sight! It seems that little miss Fashionista loves it too. She even picked her own accessories and modeled that dress for me.What a cute little girl I have at home! 🙂
Also, I feel that this dress is different and looks kinda couture, Pleats on sides make dress body fuller, but in the chest area it is quite fitted. For us it was excellent for layering also as it had big enough armscye’s to put long sleeved shirt underneath. Depending on fabric choises it can be really fancy, or less formal, either way it will look awesome!

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