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Sunday lately – Week 1

blogger tribe sunday latelySunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (which is being fearlessly lead by Angelica, Meaghan, Nicole, and Katy). We e-hang out every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the last week of life in our own worlds. We’d love if you could join us!

fall capsule wardrobe for everyone. I would love to include as much me-made items I can but since I have some orders coming in I need to plan better 🙂 I am also planning a Sew Long Summer Blog tour posts 🙂

Crappy night-time phone photo for the win!

Loving the life that I have! Being able to participate in my kids life every day every time, sewing, cooking, best Hubby. What can a girl want more.
Reading blogs and pattern instructions 😜

Wishing I had more time for sewing and that someone would gift me tons of FT. I mean, sewing is fun, but it is also time consuming and if you want variety of fabric it costs money, in Estonia lots of money 😪

Feeling a tad bit tired but happy. This summer has been wonderful, full of memories and time with kids. Many firsts, positive and negative, but overall I am happy to be where I am. 

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup presented by the Blogger Tribe.Next week’s themes: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting.


2 thoughts on “Sunday lately – Week 1”

    1. I have loved, and played with that idea, since I first got to know about capsule wardrobe. Now I finally did that last step and it feels so good! Especially as I am sewing stuff it makes it lot easier to plan fabrics and garments 🙂


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