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Dress up this town – Twig + Tale

Today I’ll show you my latest make from Twig + Tale Driftwood pattern (link!*)
It is a perfect summery dressing up dress made out of lightweight cotton blend. I don’t know the exact fiber content as it was given to me from my granny. My granny used to work in clothing industry and she still goes to visit her ex coworkers and they now send me some fabric scraps they have 🙂 So because of the nature of the pieces I had I made some modifications. When the skirt portion is originally double the width of bodice I had enough to only make it around 1.5 width of bodice.
I decided to change the sleeves and shortened them to use without cuff and took some of the wideness off. It resulted in this beautiful dress I am loving in bits and pieces.
I am sorry that these photos don’t do justice as it is just so cold and windy outside!


The most important part about this dress is that DD loves it and I love it too!

This post is part of the Dress Up This Town series hosted by lovely Sewing by Ti (link!)
This blog tour has weekly giveaways and this week is sponsored with:
1 Pattern Designer Stitch
$10 Shop Credit to Patterns For Pirates
$10 Shop Credit to Simply By Ti
1 Pattern Sisboom
Make sure to go to Rafflecopter (here!) to get into a chance to win this weeks price!

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