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If you click on the text next to the photos below they’ll take you to a pattern stores I love 🙂 By clicking on them and buying some patterns I get a small fee and thereby I can fill my need for new patterns 🙂 Any money earned goes towards my sewing hobby (Either patterns or notions from Etsy) so by buying from them you are helping to create content.

With the text about the designer I also linked my blogposts to my items made with their patterns.


The Eli Monster
is a pattern shop by Steph. She is a mom and a heart behind the Eli Monster. Her inspiration comes from Vintage pieces and thereby you won’t find anything similar. She started drafting her own patterns in 2008 and began selling her patterns in 2015. My makes from her patterns: Dadaisme dress and The Latona dress

Mummykins and Me is a pattern shop by Rebecca. She has 3 children and is living in the UK. She has been drafting for years but has only been selling them around 3-4 years. Her inspiration comes mainly from Pinterest so you’ll find some Pinterest-worthy patterns there.
My makes from her patterns: St.Tropez Swing , Monte Carlo Maxi

laelajeyneLaela Jeyne patterns is a pattern shop by Marissa. She has been drafting only for around 2 years but has grown since then a lot. Her inspiration comes from comfort. She wants to feel comfortable even in formal dresses. My makes from her patterns: Tula , Billie and Willa



Petite Stitchery & Co. is a pattern shop that have just turned one year old and recently started designing women’s patterns too. I tested some of their first patterns, are testing now and feel that they have grown a lot. My makes from their patterns: Mama Adelyn


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