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Dress up this town – Dogwood with sleeves

Today I’ll show you something special. Something that I have planned since the release of Dogwood dress by Sew Like My Mom (link!). I have dreamed about this high-low maxi with long sleeves and I asked Melissa for some advice. She recommended using Posey tunic (link!) or Pistachio tee (link!) sleeves. I decided to go with Posey sleeves because I just like cuffed sleeves.
Since DD is short I shortened the maxi about 3.5cm and decided to not do facing and just overlocked the edge 🙂


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Fall outfit for kids: SewLongSummer Blog tour

Sew Long Summer in Estonia is for me like saying goodbye to summer – and that happens fast here. Currently summer is giving away it’s position (Thank you summer! It was fun!) and temperatures keep dropping. Although today it is pretty warm the “old wives summer” is ending and we need to focus on fall.

When you live in northern part of the temperate climate zone autumn means jackets, coveralls, hats and scarves. And since our climate is what it is I don’t want to take my time to make a jacket for kids that might get only couple of wears. They have different kinds of jackets and because of that some of them may only get worn once or twice. For example – when I think of Liisa’s autumn jackets she has one jean and one faux leather jacket, a woollen coat, two lighter jackets,  one rubber jacket, one padded jacket and one windfleece jacket. See what I am talking about? 🙂 On the worst weather days I take my beloved Polarn o. Pyret jackets and coveralls. And since these are so good… I just don’t see why I should make one by myself. This is why I couldn’t focus my Sew Long Summer post for making a coat or jacket.sls-2_1

I have had problems how to make great outfits with outerwear, I think I have come to a solution by now! I just use awesome scarves, hats and pants! So when I started to think about an outfit for that post I took a quite vintage jean jacket (by Polarn o. Pyret, I think it shows perfectly how good quality these clothes are, worn by at least 5 kids and still looking excellent!) and looked how to make it more girly. Since I just fell in love by applique (Thanks Melissa!) I started with a simple heart on the back. It still looked a bit plain. I then found my laces (Whenever I see beautiful lace I buy it, it doesn’t matter I don’t usually use them) and one of them looked perfect on the bottom of the jean jacket. When that was in place it still looked plain on the front so I added little detail above pocket.

SLS 2_3.jpg

Next part of the outfit was pants – which ones look good and are comfy? Slim but not leggings, has pockets, comfy waist.. Do you know what I am trying to say? 🙂 I love SLMM (Sew like my mom) and needless to say, Boxwood joggers were my choice. Especially since these were already cut out. On a side note, these are a testing version and original pattern is tad bit wider and waistband is slightly different.

SLS 2_2.jpg

Jacket – check, pants – check. What else? A scarf – this is the part where I cheated and went to my bag full of buffs (yes, I have a bag which is full of new buffs) and found one that looked good. Now onto hat – at first I thought about headband but quickly realized – in Estonia hat gets more worn. I went for a slightly different look than usual so I used Heidi and Finn free slouchy beanie pattern. On a regular time it is tad bit too slouchy for my liking but it matches the look I am going for.


Shirt – although it won’t be seen a lot I was at first thinking about Pistachio tee (SLMM again), but I quickly reminded myself – you need to rest too! Then I went with applique and H&M shirt – perfect! 🙂


So here is the outfit – autumn outfit with a summery feel. All those stars remind me falling stars of August. Light blue is such a summery color. Lace on that jean jacket gives that extra summer look. Sew Long Summer! See you next year! 🙂

SLS 2_7.jpg

But when we talk about these photos.. This is what you get when you procrastinate! Someone had really late nap so we ended up taking photos too late, which ended up at ISO800! oops! So when I’ll have some more time we’ll make new ones with better quality and I’ll show you these too!


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That’s it for today but I’ll be back with my favorites of the tour tomorrow! 🙂

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Sew Like My Mom : Boxwood Joggers

Boxwood mag.jpg
Pattern name: 
Boxwood joggers (12m-8y, 6y-16y, bundle)

Designer name: Sew Like My Mom (link!)

Price: price is discounted trough Friday, get each size group for 6$ or bundled together for 11$

Size range: sizes 12m – 16y (in two batches 12m-8y and 6y-16y, you can buy each batch separately or buy them bundled)

Print sizes: print size: US Letter, PDF is colored, layered and has different line styles for different sizes.

Difficulty level: Beginner 🙂

Fabric recommendations: French terry, sweatshirt fleece etc. You can use cotton-lycra too, but you should then look at recovery and stretch! 🙂 At least 20% of stretch is needed!

I tested: 
Size 24m/2T. Although little miss Fashionista is tad bit short for 24M this pattern is designed the way that you can make bigger number and wear them longer! 🙂 And as a mum of kids who have growth spurts so that they can grow out of one number by one night, I love patterns like this.
You know what else is excellent? This pattern is unisex! Meaning you can make them both boys and girls, for boys over 6 years the pattern slightly changes but you can still get joggers for your daughter and son by buying the same pattern.
Featuring short, capri and long length these are perfect for every season. One of my friends already ordered some shorts and capris and long pants for their vacation 😀
One more thing I always love about Melissa’s pattern is the way that her patterns are designed – they are made the way you can use really small amount of fabric! And those pockets, cuffs and waistband are great for scrap 😉 We all have those odd strips or triangles that need their home in some garment! 🙂
During the testing period I love how Melissa listens to everyone. She changed bigger boys patterns to make some room for them. She highered the back rise and lowered the front rise for baby sizes. As babies usually are chubbier she added some width to their leg pieces. She is working hard to get all her patterns perfect!

And now, if you are wishing that these should come in your size… Then there are some exciting news for you! Melissa is working on her very first women’s pattern and this is the same joggers for adults! Yay for matching outfits!


Boxwood joggers featuring Pizza-slice pockets

For an outfit I paired Boxwood joggers with matching knot headband (I’ll share the link tomorrow in my Free Pattern Wednesday) and different shirts. For the finals I put on her a white tee from H&M, faux leather jacket from Lindex and cute espadrilles also from H&M. I think these would look awesome with some white or mint leather imitation sneakers also! 🙂  I am planning on making her a Pistachio tee but this week was crazy featuring three different testings! 🙂

I am absolutely not happy with these photos.. Well, I know there will be more Boxwoods in our life so they’ll get better represented 😉

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Free patterns – Coconut PJ’s

I think it is perfect time to start new category in my blog, free patterns.
Every now and then some designers release free patterns. Whether it is for cooperation with someone, for FB group members or just for getting to know how their patterns work. So I thought as I have seen, made and downloaded quite few of them I could send them some love back. So here comes the first one.

It is getting warmer here, in Estonia, so Sew Like My Mom (link!) Coconut PJ pattern came in right time. Made in cooperation with Riley blake (Link!) it is summer staple in kids nightwear. It comes in sizes 12M-8Y and is available via Crafty.
Photo from Sew Like My Mom blog

On monday I’ll go and print my patterns so these will come to our house! I can tell that DS is already excited and this is awesome as he usually hates jammies!

As what comes to this pattern, all SewLikeMyMom patterns are easy to follow and look amazing on kids! They go trough intense testing (that’s when Melissa almost doesn’t sleep!) and testers feedback is something Melissa always considers as an important thing!